Future.Industry 2024

Altair Event

Future.Industry 2024

Online Event | 6th & 7th March

Future.Industry 2024


When data science meets rocket science, great innovation happens. Join Altair as they explore the future of what’s possible in technology, as thought-leaders, industry experts and visionaries converge to share their insights on the latest trends that promise to reshape the landscape of tomorrow.



6th & 7th March 2024


10.00 - 14.30


Online Virtual Event

Why Should I Attend?


  • Exclusive Insights: Access firsthand knowledge from industry leaders and experts.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals leading the future of technology.

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in hands-on experiences and live demonstrations.

  • Global Perspective: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening around the world.



Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts as they delve into the latest trends and future visions.

Immerse yourself in two insightful days of learning and embracing cutting-edge technological advancements, all aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation to help us work smarter for a better future.



Day 1

Begin the journey to explore the latest megatrends impacting our world.


Discover how leading organizations are embracing sustainable practices to create a positive impact on the planet. From the latest advancements in product development to manufacturing, you won’t want to miss the eco-friendly technologies of the future.

Digital Twin

Unlock the power of Digital Twin technology and its transformative potential across industries. Dive into case studies, real-world applications, and explore how it is revolutionizing product design, development and maintenance.

Ethics in AI

Navigate the complex landscape of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on ethics. Engage in thought provoking discussions about responsible AI development, bias migration, and the ethics considerations that accompany the rise of machine learning. 

Featured Speakers

Dr Nina Gaissert

Dr Nina Gaissert

Festo | Referent Portfolio Projects

Mike Cazer

Mike Cazer

American Magic | Chief Executive Officer

Mike Gualtieri

Mike Gualtieri

Forrester | VP Principal Analyst

Day 2

Explore our cutting-edge technology, offer enhanced insights into its capacity to facilitate the development of superior, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable products and processes.

Next-Gen AI & Engineering: Design & Simulation Intelligence

Discover the transformative engineering and design advancements emerging from the convergence of simulation, AI, and HPC. Gain in-depth perspectives from experts in the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery and electronic system design industries, and hear how they’re optimizing design processes, accelerating development cycle

Frictionless AI for the Modern Enterprise

AI does not need to be complex to deliver exceptional results. We will explore the most successful use cases for AI from a range of industries, such as banking, automotive and aerospace,  and hear from experts who are using AI and machine learning to modernize and revolutionise their organizations and deliver impactful results in priority areas.

Revolutionizing HPC in the Era of AI and Cloud

Bringing you the biggest change to HPC in 30 years! Staying ahead of future requirements while addressing today’s demands can be challenging. Achieving results promptly and with increased efficiency is more important than ever before. Hear from industry experts on how to utilize the full potential of your compute environment, break down resource silos, and optimize cloud bursting — all while staying within budget constraints.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Engineering and Data Science Technology to Form the Workforce of Tomorrow

Embark on a journey to the forefront of global innovation in this immersive event track hosted by the Global Academic Program at Altair. In an era where career readiness is paramount for college graduates, our program seeks to foster the convergence of simulation, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to shape the future workforce. Join us to learn how educators and students prepare themselves and each other for the imminent digital transformation, equipped with the software tools and skills to emerge as tomorrows innovators, ground breakers and world shakers.

Featured Speakers



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