Webinar | What's New in Fusion 360 with PowerMill

In this webinar, we will show you the latest features and updates within PowerMill.

Webinar | What's New in Fusion 360 with PowerMill

This webinar demonstrates the latest features and improvements to Fusion 360 with PowerMill, showing how you can utilise this application to serve a valuable purpose in your manufacturing and or business processes.

What to expect from the webinar:

  • What's new in Powermil 2022
    • The ability to exclude flat faces when calculating certain types of finishing toolpath
    • Improved accuracy and quality when producing flat machining toolpaths
    • Constant Z machining of parts with undercuts can now use automatic collision avoidance
    • The ability to use automatic collision avoidance on 4-axis and rotary toolpaths
    • User controls over projection range for Curve and Surface Projection finishing
    • The option to stagger start points on toolpaths containing closed segments
    • Several speed enhancements

Presenter: Chris Northall, Technical Specialist, Autodesk

Watch the webinar on-demand 


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