Altair Inspire

Accelerate your design with Simulation-Driven Design Workflows

Altair Inspire is a true virtual environment, aiding product development, reaching all areas of your product lifecycle, and accelerating the creation, optimisation, innovation and analysis of parts and assemblies with real-time collaboration.

In just a few hours users can analyse data with Inspire. This simplistic set of tools delivers dependable results using Altair’s power solvers:

  • Structural Analysis using Altair SimSolid – analyse large assemblies and complex parts with speed and accuracy.
  • Motion Analysis using Altair MotionSolve – analyse dynamic responses from your product using this reliable multi-body system.
  • Topology optimisation using Altair OptiStruct – drive efficiency with lightweight and structurally effective designs.

Altair Inspire gives the power back to designers and simulation analysts, presenting results quicker, by performing what-if scenarios that encourage waste reduction and time to market.

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Why Altair Inspire?

Create and Modify Designs with Ease

Create, modify, and defeature solid models quickly, use PolyNURBS to create free-form smooth geometry and study multiple assembly configurations.

Optimise for Manufacturability

Arrive at the ideal design direction extremely early in the process: topology optimization is based on physics and observes manufacturing process constraints.

Simulate at the Speed of Design

Experience an interactive engineering design environment for rapid design exploration and product creation, without the need to invest in new computer hardware.

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