Academia, digital and the built environment

Ideas on providing an enhanced learning experience which supports a more efficiently run estate

Academia, digital and the built environment

Any campus can be a challenging physical environment to manage, sustain, and develop. Buildings and facilities are often at varying lifecycle stages, requiring different disciplines and skills (from preserving historic and listed buildings to running laboratories and hi-tech specialised facilities).

With built environment investments running into the hundreds of millions, the way in which the built asset – and its myriad working parts – is maintained, is a core enabler of ROI and sustaining and extending asset life.

We believe that universities, colleges, and other higher education places of learning in the UK have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to combine theory and practice for their students (in the built environment faculty plus data science and other aligned subjects) by using the campus itself, and the disciplines brought to bear by a university’s estates department in managing, maintaining, and enhancing highly complex campus property portfolios and diverse assets.

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