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Optimise, automate and improve the quality of your designs

Would you like to improve the quality of your designs and work faster with fewer errors?

The design and engineering solutions and services we provide aim to support you to design more quickly, reduce designing and engineering costs and enable faster time to market of your products. Read more about the benefits of automating your design process, managing your product data more efficiently, simulation, generative design and drafting, and documenting your designs.

What can you achieve?

Efficient management

...of your engineering files and documents.

Re-use data


Secure regular backups

...of your company’s engineering data.

Reduce the time spend

...on repetitive tasks.

Recreate reality a virtual environment.

Automation of designs, tasks and processes allow easy product configuration, intelligent customisation and quick processing.

Related cases

MECON SimSolid | Altair® SimSolid® enables Mecon—design and engineering for heavy industry— to slash its structural analysis time by 90%.

Meet Mecon

Founded in 1997, Mecon is an engineering design and fabrication company providing turnkey solutions for organisations in, among other sectors, the steel and mining industries in northern Sweden. The company is based across two locations, Luleå and Gällivare, also in northern Sweden.

Together with its partners and subcontractors, Mecon offers end-to-end solutions in mechanics, from feasibility studies to the finished product. Its flexible and responsive approach enables Mecon to design and fabricate new solutions to age-old problems. It works often with clients who may have depended on long-established ways of undertaking certain processes but had never found alternatives. Mecon challenges this acceptance of ‘the way things are done, accompanying its clients on a continuous journey of innovation.

Mecon focuses on delivering improved ways; more customised structures or machines than the standard solutions that clients often adopt. To sharpen this focus, Mecon was looking for technology that could ease the calculation process involved in designing the highest safety standards and ensuring the resistance of its products to the harshest operating environments.

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BGB - Merging two standalone Vaults | Seamless data migration enables cross-team collaboration for BGB’s transatlantic engineering projects

The engineering solutions provider, BGB, was established in 1976 and has grown from initially manufacturing electrical brush gear to developing and manufacturing power and signal slip rings for wind turbine manufacturers globally.

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Symetri introduces Pentre Offshore Engineering to Altair SimSolid; achieving super-fast structural analysis in design

Pentre Offshore Engineering is part of the Pentre Group, formed in 1988 and now regarded as the leading manufacturer in Europe for reels, drums, spools, and ancillaries to the global wire and cable industry; any organisation involved in linear-wound products.

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Craven Fawcett | How a 180-year-old company, manufacturing products you are likely to see every single day embraced Realtime 3D to increase market presence.

Meet Craven Fawcett

Established in 1843, Craven Fawcett is a pioneer in the field of clay working machinery, helping the UK build and maintain one of the most efficient clay working industries in the world. Craven Fawcett Limited is a division of Group Rhodes, one of Europe’s largest original equipment manufacturers in the areas of metal-forming, material handling, waste management and clay preparation applications.

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VR eliminated the need for multiple prototypes resulting in significant cost savings for Astheimer

ASTHEIMER is a world-class design studio that works with forward-thinking clients in a collaborative way to develop the products of the future.

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In-house innovation and development of high-end engineering solutions for the offshore industry is based on expert advisory by the consultants from Symetri.

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Significant savings at Dellner with implementation of the right methods

Dellner has successfully increased efficiency in their processes by implementing the right methods.

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Digital simulation reduces costs and shortens time from plan to product at EKOVENT

Using Simulation CFD software from Autodesk, a product’s pressure drop can quickly be simulated and verified at an early stage in that product’s development, a procedure that previously was time-consuming and expensive.

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Offshore Europe 2023

05 September 2023

SPE Offshore Europe is Europe’s leading offshore energy platform, and the only occasion that brings together the entire upstream energy value chain — to share insight, combine capabilities and drive the sector forward as a force for change.

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Develop 3D Live

01 November 2022

DEVELOP3D LIVE is the UK’s leading conference and exhibition celebrating design, engineering and manufacturing technology and how it brings world-leading products to market faster.

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Fusion 360 Tech Event

21 July 2022

Join our experts on 21st July at our Fusion 360 Tech event where they will share information about CAM, Generative Design, 3D printing and other exciting areas within the software

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