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Excitech DOCS

CAD document management and drawing management software

Document management for architects and engineers

Built on top of M-Files, a document management software ranked by Forrester as a leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Excitech DOCS is designed to tackle document management for architects and engineers. It intelligently stores data based on what something is as opposed to where it is ensuring that every document or drawing is the one true version every single time. 

Our CAD document management system Excitech DOCS has been designed to help with the generation of design documentation and managing them from concept through to publishing.

Key Features

Metadata driven

A document can appear in multiple locations but only one version of the document will exist in the system eliminating duplication errors. 

CAD integration

Uniquely integrates with AutoCAD & Revit allowing you to edit your drawings from directly within the system and enable bi-directional synchronisation.

Quality control

Out-of-the-box support for ISO 19650, yet adaptable to meet any naming convention or workflow

Automated transmittals

Enables transmittals to be assembled in minutes rather than hours whilst maintaining auditable records. 

Email management

Excitech DOCS makes it easy to file emails to projects so that everything is in one place and easy to find.

Extranet uploads

Ability to upload documents and their metadata to a number of extranets including Asite/Adoddle, Autodesk's BIM 360 and more 

Revision control

Always presents users with the latest version of every file with the ability to roll-back to previous versions if required

Central access

Provides central access to documents from one environment

Available on mobile

Provides full access to all documents via a browser, mobile phone
or tablet. Supported on iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

Secure permissions

Controls permissions so that only the right people access project information.

ISO 19650 made simple

Our CAD document management system Excitech DOCS allows you to maintain compliance with minimal effort by automatically assigning revisions and suitability codes in accordance with the standards.

The workflows and approvals in Excitech DOCS ensure that work is checked at the right stage and that staff don't need to know the process; it's presented to them.

Spend more time creating

With drawing management software Excitech DOCS, you can stop wasting time manually editing title blocks and plotting drawings to multiple formats with varying names and to a hierarchy of folders.

Keep the wheels turning while you are out of the office via the mobile app that allows you to undertake most actions from your mobile phone or tablet including mark-ups and approval of documents.

Your reputation protected

The knock-on effect of even the smallest error can be disastrous; affecting project actions from manufacture, to materials delivery, to failed clash detection, to physical construction issues.

Our CAD document management system Excitech DOCS gives you confidence that your procedures are robust and auditable, your data is safe, your colleagues can find what they need and your reputation is protected.

All the integrations you need

Our drawing management software Excitech DOCS integrates with third party products that are used across your whole business, not just your design team. These include ESRI, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. 

Customer cases

SEH: E-learning and document management help SEH prepare for its BIM accreditation journey

Driving continuous skills improvement, enabling document management consistency conforming to BIM file-naming conventions, and simply getting the job done better, faster, and more confidently

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PBWC Architects: BIM Level 2 file naming & alignment with the RIBA Plan of Works with Excitech DOCS

Avoiding human error and reducing the tedium, time, and trouble of fundamental document management tasks

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Latest News & Blog Posts

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Add-ons for Excitech DOCS 

In order to suit the needs of the Buildings & Infrastructure industries, we have built the Dynamo add-on for Excitech DOCS.


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