Industrial Collection

Industrial Collection

Visualise your 3D and CAD data in real-time 3D, including augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), with our 3D product visualisation software collection.

Industrial Collection | Unity

Best-in-class 3D product visualisation tools

Unlock new ways to design, engineer, manufacture, market, and maintain your products.

With tools that enable you to create and publish interactive, real-time 3D, AR and VR applications from 3D data, including computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies, you’ll improve collaboration, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

Benefits of Industrial Collection 

Extract more value from CAD and 3D models

Unlock 3D data from product lifecycle management (PLM) systems for interactive 3D product visualisation. Develop real-time applications that enhance design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, operations and other business functions.

Automate 3D data preparation

Complete repetitive tasks efficiently and reduce the opportunity for error by automating manual, time-consuming steps for 3D data preparation and material digitisation in Unity.

A gateway to innovation

Specialised products such as Unity Forma and products from Unity’s Verified Solutions Partners run on top of Unity Industrial Collection. Get access to upgrade paths for floating licenses and exclusive support and training options.

Top uses of Unity Industrial Collection

Product design and development

Visualise and validate your product concepts and designs in real-time, improve design-engineering collaboration, simulate production line processes and more.


Train frontline workers, service technicians and other staff in interactive, immersive environments, including VR, to increase knowledge retention, improve safety and more.

Monitoring, maintenance and repair

Increase productivity and reduce operational costs with real-time digital twins, guided work instructions in mixed reality, and more.

Sales and marketing

Use Unity Forma (sold separately) on top of the Unity Industrial Collection to captivate and convert buyers with interactive 3D product configurators, photorealistic renderings, mixed reality experiences, and more.

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