UK Company Specific, Revit Structure Content Creation

The objective of this Autodesk Revit Structure Content Creation course is to enable Revit Structure users who have worked with the software to expand their knowledge to create custom element types and families.

Course content for Revit Structure Content Creation

  • Introduction to Creating Families
  • Creating the Parametric Framework
  • Setting Up a Structural Column Family
  • Creating Family Elements
  • Additional Tools for Families
  • Creating Family Geometry for the Structural Column
  • Creating Family Types
  • Visibility Display Settings
  • Creating Family Types for the Structural Column
  • Overview of Family Creation
  • Creating In-Place Families
  • Creating Profiles
  • In-Place Families and Profiles- Concrete Corbeling
  • Using a Profile to Create a Structural Floor Type
  • Creating Annotation Families - Arrow Symbol
  • Working with Shared Parameters
  • Project Parameters
  • Parametric Gusset Plate
  • Column Stiffeners (In-Place Family)
  • In-Place Slab Depression
  • Built-Up Column
  • Tapered Concrete Column
  • Truss Family
  • Precast Hollow Core Slab
  • Tapered Moment Frame

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