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As a user of Revit, you are likely working on different versions of the software on different projects. Although Revit 2025 has recently been released, the chances are you won't be upgrading to the new version until you start a completely new project. To help you stay up to date on the previous versions of the software that you are currently working on and help you stay ahead in the latest version when the time comes for you to use it, this one-day course is for you.

  • The new Revit Home – more ways to view, sort, and find models
  • Create a personalised environment that suits your specific workflows and preferences with customisable workspaces
  • Create toposolid elements to represent the topography and site conditions of your model, import files or build from scratch
  • Tapered and sloped walls – more design flexibility and complex geometries
  • Visually cross-check between models of various disciplines and phases of a project without downloading the files
  • Align text and tags vertically and horizontally
  • Create and customise multiple revision numbering sequences
  • Use the new Parameters Service to manage shared parameters and import them into a Revit session
  • Understand the importance of background export to PDF
  • Control the order of views and sheets in PDF exports and print sets
  • Understand how a range of new sheet and view features will help you stay organised
  • Sheet Collections just made organising sheets in a project and organising print sets a whole lot easier
  • Use sheet layout tools to reorganise views on a sheet 
  • Swap the current view on a sheet directly from the view list
  • Accelerate documentation using the new duplicate sheet function
  • Resize all rows in schedules placed on sheets
  • Understand how Twinmotion (now included with Revit) can be a game-changer in the way you communicate your design
  • A quick tour of 23 other new features and enhancements that will improve the way you work with Revit

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Benefits of participating on the Revit Update course

Take advantage of the most important improvements in the last four releases.
Work more efficiently with improvements to the user interface.
Model quicker using a wealth of new design tools
Adopt better workflows using Revit’s enhanced features

Expected Outcome

After completing this course, you will be able to work smarter with Revit using an improved understanding of the recent changes to the software.

Expected Outcome

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Hear from one of our lead trainers, Geoff Alder, on how Revit training with Symetri can transform the way you work.

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