Robot Structural Analysis Essentials

This course will introduce the novice user to the Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis system and to provide some guidance on the program configuration, menu system and navigation techniques. It will also show the many and varied methods of data input and extraction of results.

Course content for Robot Structural Analysis Essentials

  • Understand Robot modules, screen layout, display options, object inspector
  • Understand data and results tables
  • Create geometry using nodes, lines, contours, surfaces, gamma angles
  • Import geometry from Revit
  • Define structural loads -- self weight, dead, live, snow
  • Analyse and troubleshoot your structure
  • Present your results
  • Work with cladding panels and understand spanning options
  • Work with plated structures and understand meshing options
  • Review and understand slab results, work with maps, isolines, and values in final elements
  • Work with concrete beam and column analysis
  • Work with the steel structure, define members, code groups, design and buckling length parameters
  • Verify and design steel profiles, calculation parameters, steel member optimisation
  • Work with wind tunnel simulation and analysis

This course is available on a private-only basis. Please call us 0345 370 1444 for more details.

Benefits of Robot Structural Analysis Essentials Training

Learn how to navigate the Robot interface and set up a model for analysis
Understand how to interprete the results of analysis
Appreciate the difference in RC/Mixed Structure and 3D frame structures
Understand how to integrate Robot with Revit Structure

Expected Outcome

As a result of attending this course, you will understand the key facets of the Robot interface, how to import and set up a model for analysis. How to understand the results, and how Robot and Revit Structure can work together.

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate.

Expected Outcome

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