BIM Track

BIM Track

The communication platform for BIM coordination

BIM coordination on one communication platform

BIM Track provides the basic information you need to resolve coordination issues. Your team can comment back and forth on issues directly in their everyday software and anyone can view the issue context. When data sits in silos, your time and money are being wasted. You can use BIM Track directly in your software or our browser-based web platform. With bi-directional data exchange issues can be exchanged across different platforms using the BCF file format, and IFC models can be imported into BIM Track’s free web viewer to see your issues in their proper context without expensive authoring software licences.

With issue metadata such as priority, teams, zones and more, you can measure the coordination progress without any extra work. The right information for the right decisions leads to better project management.

Experience how BIM Track works

The benefits of BIM Track

  • Instant collaboration and communication with the cloud for for up-to-date issue data
  • Accessibility and transparency with a web-based platform that gives project access to all stakeholders
  • Reduced issue management time with all data in one place
  • In-context workflow with direct integration to your software environment

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