Living environments. Beautiful spaces. Rendered in seconds.

Create beautiful render in minutes

Lumion empowers architects to transform their designs with beautiful render in minutes. Go from a blank 3D model to a photographic final result with a simple workflow. You can add life to your designs with realistic trees, stylish effects and thousands of objects and materials from the content library.

Lumion requires no training. Simply import your 3D model into Lumion to get started. Add objects, materials and texture and see the result as you work.

As the world’s fastest rendering software for architects, Lumion makes it easy to communicate the essence of your 3D designs with spectacular images, immersive videos and 360 panoramas optimised for VR.

Experience how Lumion works

The benefits of Lumion

  • Visualise: Quickly visualise your 3D designs in a photo-realistic or conceptual presentation
  • Communicate: Communicate your vision to the client for a better understanding and feedback on the project
  • Review: Review the changes you have made to the design with lifelike materials, context and lightning
  • Concept: Instantly apply feedback to improve the design concepts. Visualise, communicate, review and repeat, minimising time spent on misunderstandings between the parties

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